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CatBib Customer Testimonials

We have put together hundreds of wonderful testimonials and stories from our customers that have sent in their praises to us. Read through their experiences and see for yourself how you can use the CatBib to put a stop to your cat from catching and killing birds.

Every article has dozens of letters written in from our customers.
Over 200 happy customer testimonials!!! And more coming in all the time.

For recent testimonials, please visit our Facebook page here where customers continue to post success stories.
Thanks for caring about cats and birds!

Mo wearing a CatBib

“When collars with bells didn’t work and hummingbirds were killed, the CatBib did the trick!” (Testimonials 2016-Present)

For recent testimonials, please visit our Facebook page where customers continue to post success stories.  Thanks for caring about cats and birds! MOOCH Dear Cat Goods, our 8-year-old Tuxedo cat Mooch killed birds with chilling efficiency until we discovered CatBibs.  We now have no bird kills when he wears his CatBib.  The Bib alters his […]

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In the beginning 2005 – 2006

STORM Thank you for our wonderful Cat Bib. Attached is a photo of my beautiful cat Sahara Mist Storm Raider, commonly known as STORM and what a Storm he is. The Cat Bib is great and he was absolutely fine with putting it on. He did a bit of a duck walk for a couple […]

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