CatBib saves birds We have purchased a number of bibs as our intrepid former hunter tends to lose collar, tag and bib from time to time. We have many bird feeders just outside the back door with dozens of birds but Huck no longer poses a threat thanks to the catbib!

Lora – Louisville, CO, USA – August 19, 2010


CatBib saves birds Since you invite your customers to send a picture, I attach one of my Sassy, nearly 9 years old and only recently allowed to be outdoors, and began bringing home dead mice and birds last month. I bought the bigger bib because even though the quantity hadn’t been great she’s always been very determined. Since its arrival last week there have been no ‘offerings.’ It took a bit to get used to getting it on and off with the collar set properly, but now it is quite easily attached every morning. She has a funny little strut right after it goes on that I haven’t caught yet on tape… swings her front legs a little to the right and left so she looks a little bowlegged… it’s very funny and only lasts a minute or so. Otherwise she runs around, eats, drinks and sleeps quite happily in it. Thanks very much it’s a wonderful solution to the problem of Sassy bringing dead animals in the house!

Anne – Pittsford, New York, USA – August 14, 2010


CatBib saves birds This is Cynthia. She is five years old. I got Cynthia four years ago at our local animal shelter. When I brought her home, she had just been spayed and soon thereafter became very sick with a bacterial infection. She spent five days at the vet’s recovering. She was supposed to be a barn cat but that never worked out. First she didn’t get along with Clipper, the other barn cat (who has also worked his way into becoming a part-time house cat). And second, at her yearly checkup my vet discovered she had a heart murmur. After a visit to the cardiologist and an echo cardiogram, it turned out she has a hole in her heart and is not expected to live past 7 years. I hope the vet is wrong of course. Cynthia is the sweetest, smartest, most wonderful cat.

Cynthia has not been slowed down by her illness. She turned into the birder of all birders and mainly for yellow, blue, and red birds – only the most lovely. The bib stopped her right away. She may have caught a couple of more birds in the past year but that was when she got the bib off which is often. She has learned how to rub her neck on the ground to get it off.

So, I have been very happy with the bibs. It’s so nice for Cynthia to get outside. We live on a farm way away from any triffic, so she is safe – and now so are the birds.

Lucy – Arnold, Maryland, USA – August 5, 2010


CatBib saves birds

Griffy loves being outside with his CatBib. I caught him once chasing a bird, but luckily I was able to stop him fast enough so that the bird could get away. I have not seen him catch any birds since he’s had his CatBib on. The CatBib is also great because people see Griffy wearing it and ask us what it is, so we get to tell them about the Bib and how stops the cat from being able to hunt and pounce on birds effectively. Thank you for turning such a great idea into a great product!

Jessica – Hillsboro, Oregon, USA – July 9, 2010


CatBib saves birdsI just wanted to say how grateful I am for the catbib! My 3 year old tortoiseshell Bobby, started bringing birds home about 2 years ago, for me, a lifelong ornithophobic this was obviously a HUGE problem. Over the years I’ve tried everything from trying to keep her in(which drove everyone, including my neighbours insane), differing diets, attaching 6 bells to her collar, a noise emitting collar…I could go on but you get the point. Nothing worked and just being home was becoming so stressful I was close to giving her to a relative. Thankfully in a last ditch attempt I stumbled across the CatBib site and thought trying it out couldn’t hurt. It’s been a week now and not one bird, NOT ONE has landed on my door!! She doesn’t even mind wearing it. So in the last week you’ve saved at least 12 birds from my cat and a huge chunk of my sanity. Really, I can’t thank you enough, now I can appreciate her for the wonderfully odd little character she is instead of worrying about what she’ll bring home!!

Sarah – Gwent, Wales – June 27, 2010


CatBib saves birdsHi, Our cat Bob absolutely refuses to stay inside- when we tried he would go crazy and the stress usually brought on a urinary tract infection. This is the first year we have a bird feeder and Bob is quite the hunter, poor birds!! We were at a loss but thankfully I found your website. We decided to get the large Catbib (and the brightest color you have) because he is a big cat, part Maine Coon and weighs 17lbs. We’ve found dead squirrels, opossums, mice, moles, birds- you name it. If he ate them we wouldn’t feel so bad but he just tortures the poor critters and leaves them strewn around the yard.

It has been 4 days since we began using the Catbib and there hasn’t been any evidence Bob has killed- THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Jim and Donna – Stratford, Connecticut – June 21, 2010


CatBib saves birdsDear Cat Goods, Enclosed is a picture of Lucy wearing her third bib from Cat Goods. This is her third summer wearing a bib. Before we found your product, she seemed to be daily improving her bird-hunting skills and was killing birds. Since the bib, no more dead or injured birds! We are happy now to let Lucy enjoy the outdoors. The bib only seems to impact her hunting as she happily runs, jumps, and climbs trees. Thank you for a great product for cats and their people!

Mary – Orono, Maine – June 14, 2010


CatBib saves birdsPlease see attached photos of Orange wearing his cat bib. We were able to observe him trying to catch an American Robin while wearing his bib one morning. No success!

We have not seen him catch a bird while wearing the bib. Thank you!

Catherine – Bayfield, Colorado – June 13, 2010


CatBib saves birdsHere is a photo of my cat Oliver relaxing after coming from outside wearing his Catbib. In two weeks Oliver caught 5 birds (4 Pigeons 1 blackbird). Since wearing the Catbib he has only caught I Pigeon in the last few months. I definitely put this down to the Catbib and I am feeling more relaxed about letting him out. What really pleased me was from the word go I had no trouble getting him to wear it. Thank you for this wonderful invention.

Susan – Stourbridge, West Midlands, United Kingdom – June 10, 2010


CatBib saves birdsDear Sirs, When I ordered my cat bib, I told my husband that I might have just wasted $10.95 but it was worth a try. Boy, was I wrong! After repeatedly killing birds, some of which he brought into my house, my 5-year old mess of a cat, Stitchy, now walks proud with no birds in hand. I am so grateful to have found something that stops the mutiny of all of these beautiful birds all around us. He looks comfortable — as you can see — and is very used to it now. It’s just part of his outfit! Thank you, thank you, thank you … from the birds and our family!

Shelley – Mechanicsville, Virginia – June 9, 2010


CatBib saves birdsI ordered a cat bib from you,,,about a month ago, and “Velvet”,,adjusted wonderfully to it…She HAS NOT KILLED A BIRD SINCE….She lost it twice, I found it, once going through a rail fence, the other time, half way up an ornamental tree. I that down to the fact that her collar, (a break a way, safety), was worn out….Since I put a new collar on her, she hasn’t lost the assembly. I purchased the “prolific” hunter one for her…and now we are enjoying the beautiful rosebreasted grosbeak pairs eating at the feeder as they prepare to nest… thank you Cat Bib!!!!

Beth – Ontario, Canada – May 10, 2010


CatBib saves birdsI’m attaching a picture of my cat, Scrappy, with last year’s purple bib. We call him “Bib Cat.” Unfortunately, he started killing birds about two years ago. Once I got over my denial that he ‘found’ them dead (don’t ask how dumb am I), we found that bells did nothing. I looked on-line and bought a purple bib. He was not in the least bit inconvenienced by the bib, but he sure did stop the killing! His favorite prey was mourning doves, and I’m happy to say that he has not killed a bird since we started using the bib. Thanks for providing this valuable tool.

Katherine – Bloomfield, New Jersey, USA – April 20, 2010


CatBib saves birdsThis is my cat Mike wearing his bib. He was killing a bird every other day. He has had the bib a week and none so far! It does not seem to bother him at all when he wears it. Lisa – Morrison, Colorado, USA – April 20, 2010


CatBib saves birds

The birds have been safe since Lucy started wearing her bib. Area songbirds are celebrating your invention. Thanks.

Michael – Portland, Oregon – April 11, 2010


CatBib saves birdsExcellent! It looks a bit cumbersome for her as she is a petite predator! We cut it down a little. But we are soooo pleased. She managed to get it off (the whole collar) and we lost it in the woods for days and then found it on a hike. We had no idea she even went that far from our property! It is back on and just in time for a lovely spring. We have seen no dead birds, but she is able to catch rodents and I feel it is a good trade off. Thank you and I am glad we bought this product from you! It is simply brilliant!

Kim – Asheville, North Carolina – April 5, 2010


CatBib saves birds

Here’s a photo of Goldilocks wearing a catbib. Before we started putting one on her she was catching birds every day. Since we started last year it has been 100% effective in stopping the harvest. It’s easy to put on her and she doesn’t seem to mind wearing it. It’s a great solution to a sad situation.

Don – Honeoye, New York – April 3, 2010


CatBib saves birds CatBib saves birds This is our cat, Jezebel, (Belle) wearing her favorite color of cat bib – she was the first kitty we purchased your product for. Prior to finding cat bibs, she was bringing me multiple gifts a week; then a day. We now get to enjoy our bird feeders and Belle can still be frisky and free outdoors.

Ouija on the prowl… But no such luck!

Thanks! Lori – Noble, Oklahoma, USA – March 23, 2010


CatBib saves birdsAttached is a photo of Zeke, my formerly formidable bird destroyer. I have kept a catbib on him for about 3 years now, and it has enabled me to continue letting him be indoors. After having to clean bird blood off of my kitchen ceilings, I was getting to the point where I was wondering whether I would be able to let him inside ever again. I found the CatBib online, and it has been a God send! Although it kind of makes him walk like Bob Hope, Zeke doesn’t seem to mind it at all. It doesn’t even prevent him from climbing trees to escape local dogs, but I cannot remember the last time I had to clean up bird feathers. Now if I could just find a bib with a pocket for my other cat, Sandy, who is the queen of throwing up hairballs, all my cat-related behavior problems will be solved. :-) Thanks for this great product!

Heather – Holly Springs, NC March 18, 2010


CatBib saves birdsTiger is not happy with her CATBIB. Not only can’t she catch birds anymore but this thing has ruined her CAMOUFLAGE!!!

The cats thank you all 6 of them (they feel naked without them). The birds thank you too!!

Phil – Meshoppen, Pennsylvania, USA – March 15, 2010


CatBib saves birdsI ordered the CatBib the day I saw my cat with a Northern Cardinal in his mouth. I was able to rescue this bird. I have not seen him with a bird since he started wearing his CatBib. He is a young cat and I hope that this Bib makes him lose interest in birds. He used to stalk the birdfeeders and now he spends most of his time in the unmowed part of our property. He can still catch mice and lizards. He wants to catch a squirrel and I don’t know how that will work out for him! I put the CatBib on him every morning. He knows the drill and will stand patiently until I have the bib secured to his collar. He wears the bib all day even though he comes in around noon to take a nap. I only remove it at night. Here is a picture of Willie sleeping in the sun while wearing his CatBib. He wears his CatBib all day without any problems and is able to run and climb trees. He is able to flip the bib around to the back when he is grooming or sleeping. We actually call it his “cape”. He thinks he is a Supercat! Thanks!

Liz – Belton, Texas, USA – March 9, 2010


CatBib saves birdsAttached are photos of Romeo (black) and Alfa wearing their bibs. There are ex ferrel cats and consequently mad about hunting and killing. They keep losing bibs, (by getting their collors off) but when they have them on the bird and mammal population locally are much safer!

Many thanks, Sandy – East Mersea, Essex UK – March 2, 2010


CatBib saves birds
Hey guys: Thought you might get a kick out of my orange cat in his purple bib. It doesn’t seem to bother him. He can still run and jump, just not pounce (and kill). Since he has been wearing it (about 2 months) we have only found 2 dead birds on our back porch. Before the bib, we had almost daily offerings and used to be scared to look outside every day to see what his next victim was. Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR and thanks for this great invention!
Regards, Julie – Tucson, Arizona, USA – December 30, 2009


bellaThis is our family’s cat Bella. She is an active young cat. We got her when she was 8 weeks old. Before we got her, we were trying to find something that would prevent cats from catching birds, because we have a bird feeder, and love birds. So, we found the CatBib! When Bella got older, she caught a bird. So we got a CatBib for her. She hasn’t caught any birds since using the CatBib! She still loves to chase them. She can do anything that a cat without the CatBib can do, except catch birds. She can still climb, jump, and run. She’s very comfortable with wearing it. Thanks for making this wonderful product that works!

Jenica – Lowell, Michigan – December 7, 2009


The BoysTo stop my cats from catching birds, I have yelled, screamed, chastized,cried and anything else I could think of short of pulling my own hair out but nothing worked. I cried a lot. For the birds and squirrels and mice and also because I knew the cats would have to go if the killing didn’t stop. If not for the Catbib, the next step would have been the pound. This item saved my cats lives as well as many bird and mammal’s lives. It has saved my sanity and given us a peaceful tranquil home again. The stress was unbearable and the neighbors were very upset with us and understandably so. This Catbib has changed everything about the way we feel about our cats. There is zero stress and no dead surprises when we go out to the yard. It has truly been a God send and an item I actually did pray for when I was at my wits end. I am so grateful for this little miracle. It is saving countless lives and keeping peace at home.

For any owner who thinks their cats won’t adapt, they will and quite quickly and easily. It’s so worth the few days of adjustment for the lives they save, but mine really didn’t take that long. Thank you again for a wonderful product.

Deborah – Boise, Idaho – December 5, 2009


The Other OneHi, I ordered 2 bibs from you about 1 year ago. They have been wonderful! My cat is a master bird catcher. He still managed to catch a bird or 2 even with the large bib but much, much better than 6 in one hour! I sewed 3 bells along the bottom of the bib to increase his noticibility. This bib is a great idea. He never objected to wearing it. Unfortunately he had a break-away collar and lost the bib in the woods somewhere. I have found it before but this time it seems to be lost for good. So, until I receive 2 new bibs he has to stay inside and that makes him crazy. I have 2 cats, one is wonderful. He sits out under the feeders and just watches the birds, fascinated. He never tries to catch one. The other one, however, makes up for both of them! He absolutely cannot go out without his bib! (See picture above) Thanks so much for your wonderful idea!

Myrna – Gunnison, Colorado – November 16, 2009


STELLADear CatBib inventors. Just a word of thanks for your genius! Stella moved last year from being an indoor, city, condo cat to a suburban house outfitted with a dog door and a fenced in yard. She figured out how to use that dog door faster than the dog and took to outdoor living like a fish to water. The very first night we lived in out house, she captured a bird and immediately brought it inside, where we had to learn to capture a semi-living bird and re-release it outside. We lived for months in fear of coming home to find birds (dead or alive) in our kitchen, closets, beds, office, etc. At one point I had put three large, Christmas bells around her neck hoping that maybe the weight would slow her down, b/c the bell noise wasn’t working. I finally lost it this spring when she caught a fledgling that I had been watching in its nest for weeks. It was heartbreaking. That’s when I Googled: “STOP MY CAT FROM KILLING BIRDS” and found you. We got the purple bib within a week and it has been nothing short of miraculous. We have not had a single kill in months. I can actually have bird feeders in my yard and she hasn’t gotten one yet. She doesn’t even seem to notice she’s wearing it. She can walk, run, jump, crouch, roll, eat, sleep, play, etc. with no issues. And to top it off, I actually met a couple of new neighbors who had questions about what she was wearing. It was literally my favorite topic of conversation all summer long. I would tell anyone who would listen.

Today there was a very popular article today in The New York Times about domesticated cats and the birds they kill. The Cat Bib was mentioned a couple times in the comments. I also added my comments as a huge proponent for the product and it reminded me that I’ve been meaning to send you a testimonial forever. I wish you tremendous success with your product. Thank you so much for helping us to stop the bloodshed!

Sincerely, Mary Kate – Charlotte, North Carolina – September 29, 2009


BUSYDear CatBib folks, I’ve been singing praises of your product to friends for a few months now, and since I feel it’s been tested fairly well. I want you to know how grateful we are to have found your product! Our little cat Busy is, well, VERY busy. We rescued him when he was about six months old and kept him inside for a month while he got used to his new home-base but he soon began climbing the walls. When we’d all had enough we let him out and hoped the bell on his collar would scare off birds. Fat chance he proved to be quite a hunter! So we drained our little fountain and birds stopped congregating in our yard but soon he was bringing them in anyway. I was at the end of my rope when in one week he brought in two gophers (though this was all right with us!), one unidentifiable bird (only traces of tiny feathers under our bed), a hummingbird (which I managed to set free), and a full grown California quail. The quail was stunned and ruffled but quite alive so I brought it to Native Animal Rescue. A woman there told me about the CatBib and I ordered a LARGE as soon as I got home. The quail survived, and since Busy started wearing the bib several months ago he has managed to catch just one bird. I consider that a miracle, or at least a result that puts my conscience at ease. I’ve seen Busy climb and get down from (!) trees and our neighbor said she caught a glimpse of him flying through the air like Superman with a backwards cape! He’s still living a very happy cat’s life but the local bird population is no longer suffering for it. I hope as he ages he’ll slow down but until then we’ll NEVER let him out without his CatBib (I even have a backup!). It’s such a simple elegant solution to a truly dreadful problem. And inexpensive too! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sincerely, Moon – Santa Cruz, CA – August 30, 2009


NANCYBack in May I ordered a Cat Bib for my 1 year old cat, Nancy. We live in a rural area and Nancy quickly became very good hunter, much to our displeasure, but when she started to attack neighbours Doves we knew we had to sort the problem out. We didn’t feel it was fair to keep her indoors (and she wasn’t happy about that either!) and other options such as a “cat run” in the garden were too expensive so I was really pleased when I found your website. To be honest I was unsure how well the Bib would work, but I was amazed at how quickly it stopped the bird killing. On one occasion she lost her collar and Bib and we didn’t find it for a couple of days – the bird killing soon re-started until the CatBib was put back on proving that it was working. The collar gets put on each morning and when it’s taken off on an evening, Nancy is happy to settle indoors. Since wearing it she mainly stays in her own garden and I feel it has calmed her down. I would have no hesitation in recommending the CatBib. Thank you!

Sonia – Northumberland, United Kingdom – August 11, 2009


TIGERI just want to thank you for inventing the CatBib. My cat Tiger was an avid hunter. He was catching at least 3 birds a week. We have bird feeders in our back yard. Tiger would sit under the feeders and catch the birds that we were feeding. My husband was ready to give Tiger away. I found your product on the internet and thought I would give it a try. I am so pleased with the results. Tiger has not caught one bird since we put the CatBib on him. He can still run, jump and even climb trees; he just can’t catch birds. Again thanks for inventing the CatBib.

Kim – North Wilkesboro, North Carolina – August 11, 2009


TIGERLILYMy husband and I ordered the catbib last year for our cat, Tigerlily. We are avid birders and encourage birds in our yard, but were completely frustrated by Lily’s killer instinct. Since purchasing the bib, we have had only one dead bird in the yard (and we’re not sure that was from Lily since she would always bring hers inside). Before that, Lily killed about one bird per month. Thank you so much for this wonderful solution!

Erin – Portland Oregon – August 2, 2009


FREDDIEHello, the catbib has been a godsend as far as I’m concerned. My cat Freddie was a devil – everytime he set foot outside he would go on a killing spree. I found out about the catbib via an internet search and ordered a couple, since he’s been wearing it I haven’t had a single present thank you. Freddie doesn’t mind wearing it at all although I always have a spare as he does seem to have a knack of being able to get rid if them occasionally – twice he’s arrived home minus both bib and collar, but it’s a wonderful invention and I’ve told all my cat owning friends and neighbours about it. Once again thank you.

Linda – Essex, United Kingdom – July 26, 2009


MARBLEI just wanted to drop you a quick note letting you know very happy we are with your cat bib! Now that Marble (seen in photo attached) is wearing the bib for the last year he is seldom able to catch a bird. Not only is this cause for a celebration, but also he has become so accustomed to wearing his bib that each morning he jumps up on the table to have the bib attached. He is well aware that once the bib is attached it’s a sure sign he’s allowed out-doors!

Rachel – San Rafael, California – July 23, 2009