The CatBib

Elastic safety cat collars

A Cat collar that stays on.
The perfect balance of safety and effectiveness.

We Sell Cat Collars Too

The CatBib will not be effective if the cat loses the CatBib. Cat owners want both a safe collar, that the cat can get out of, if it gets caught on something, but are not happy when the cat loses a collar with ID tags and the CatBib too.

The CatBib will work with any collar you choose, but you have to keep the collar on the cat for the CatBib to be effective. The cat collar I like to use is the one with a short length of elastic. The elastic insert will stretch if the cat gets caught on something, and allow the cat to slip out of the collar, but it does not completely release as the plastic-snap breakaway collars do.

I like the Kitty Clip collar, a safety collar, NOT a breakaway collar. I sell them online for $8.95 each.

The Kitty Clip collars are considered a safety collar because they have a short piece of elastic in the collar. If the collar gets caught on something, it will stretch and the cat can pull it’s head out of the collar. It is NOT a breakaway collar. The plastic release, shown in the photos, can only be undone by the cat owner. I use this collar and like it’s quality (made in Canada). Many bibs are lost using breakaway collars. This Kitty Clip collar has solved two problems, 1) safety and 2) stays on the cat.

Once you have decided what type of collar to purchase and if your cat has never worn a collar before, let the cat get used to wearing a collar for several days, before attaching a CatBib to it as well. Surprisingly most cats are not affected by putting a CatBib on their collar.

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