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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The CatBib – stops cats from killing birds

The Most Effective Way To Stop Cats From Hunting and Killing all Birds and wildlife!

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The CatBib was invented by a bird-feeding, cat-loving gardener in Springfield, Oregon, after collars with bells and other deterrents didn’t work.  This unique, patented product protects all wild birds (including songbirds) and other wildlife whenever your cat is outdoors.  The CatBib is estimated to have saved over 1.8 million birds since it’s introduction.  That’s a lot of birds!


University Tested – Proven to Stop Cat Hunting & Killing!

Murdoch University Biological Sciences Department ran an independent field trial.

The CatBib stopped 94% of cats from hunting and killing all types of birds!  It also stops some cats from catching mammals and herptofauna
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Featured in Magazines, Books and the News

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Magazines, newspaper articles and books from all over the world have featured the CatBib within their articles praising its effectiveness to help prevent cats from hunting, attacking and killing birds.

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How to Stop Cats From Killing Birds and other wildlife?

“Only the CatBib stopped my cat from attacking birds…. Thanks CatBib!”

Over 200 Testimonials & Pictures of satisfied customers explaining how they
prevented their cat from catching birds with the CatBib. Read more here.

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