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Small Rainbow CatBib

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The Small sized CatBib is intended for the less aggressive bird killing cats.  It’s not the size of the cat.

It is designed with easy care in mind. It’s made of thin neoprene, backed on both sides with nylon. The material keeps it’s shape, is durable and color fast. It never gets sopping wet. If it gets dirty, just wipe it off with a damp cloth or throw it in the washing machine. Hang to dry.

WHAT KIND OF COLLAR SHOULD I USE WITH A CATBIB? The collar that works the best (so the CatBib doesn’t easily fall off and is still safe for the Cat) has a short piece of elastic built in. Quick release collars can release with the CatBib and will be lost.  Search for them on CatGoods.

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The Small newly released Rainbow CatBib is intended to get the attention of songbirds, but is still effective for all other birds as well.  It is attached to the cat’s collar and hangs loosely over the cat’s chest. It works by gently interfering with the precise timing, and coordination a cat needs for successful bird catching. A simple principle of coming between the cat and the bird just at the last moment. It defeats all the cat’s stealth and cunning at exactly the moment it’s needed. It doesn’t interfere with any of your cat’s other activities. The CatBib ONLY affects your cat’s ability to catch birds. A cat wearing a CatBib can run, jump, climb trees, eat, sleep, scratch and groom.

If you want to prevent your cat from catching birds, use the CatBib. It’s part of being a responsible pet owner to control your pet and to love it dearly.

Care: The CatBib was designed with easy care in mind. It’s made of thin neoprene, backed on both sides with nylon. The material keeps it’s shape, is durable and color fast. It never gets sopping wet. If it gets dirty, just wipe it off with a damp cloth or throw it in the washing machine. Hang to dry.

7 reviews for Small Rainbow CatBib

  1. LB

    Before purchasing the large version of this bib, I was on the verge of giving our cat back to the rescue centre from which she came – she would catch anything that moved every day – mice, birds, shrews. It was very distressing to us. As a last hope I bought this bib. The only alteration I made was sewing it in a loop into which to slot the collar, rather than relying on the velcro (as it came) to secure it to the collar. It has been superb. I bought this 1 month ago. She has caught only 1 mouse in all that time. She wears it permanently. She can still jump up fences etc, but she isn’t so agile with fine movements for hunting and so has largely stopped trying. She seems content enough – just has to go at a slower pace now. I wash the bib occasionally by hand in regular washing powder and it’s fine. It’s made from wet-suit type material. I have ordered a couple more despite the price as I am so pleased, and relieved, to have found this . Highly recommend.

  2. Mel

    So far so good. Cats still getting used to it being on her but haven’t had her bring back any bird offering yet like she would usually do.

  3. Carrie Craver

    It’s unbelievable. Works for more than just birds. My cat was catching mice, chipmunks, voles, baby bunnies, and even a rat, almost daily. We put the bib on her 2 weeks ago and she hasn’t brought in a thing since…not one.

  4. Sandra

    This seems to work pretty well for my cats bunny hunting habit. So works for saving other wild life also. I definitely recommend trying this of you have a hunter cat.

  5. eelnosaj

    We’ve had great success with the bib so far! Yesterday I woke up late and didn’t get it on before it got light outside and sure enough, my fat kitty brought in a poor little Junco. As far as I know, he hasn’t managed to catch anything while wearing the bib. His coordination is impaired just enough that the bird has an extra millisecond to get away.

    I was surprised at how quickly he adapted to wearing the bib. It was super awkward at first but within an hour he was back to normal, jumping up on the deck railings and whatnot. I bought two, because the winters in the PNW are so rainy and muddy and I wanted to be able to change them out. They stay pretty clean, though, and I’ve only had to change it out once because it got a bit too wet.

    I like that daily activities (other than hunting) are not impaired. With the Birdsbesafe collars the cats would have a harder time grooming themselves and would sometimes come in with the cloth saturated. The bib stays quite dry and clean, and the velcro is extremely sturdy. In order to extend the life of the velcro, we leave the bib on the collar and just take the collar off or slide the bib off of the collar instead of messing with the velcro every time. Also, if you notice your cat getting a bit too agile, you can move the velcro slightly to adjust the length of the bib.

    For some reason, I didn’t realize that you could order these via Amazon and instead purchased via the website. I had a few technical issues and the seller responded very quickly and was very helpful. I was very impressed with the prompt and personal customer service!

    As a wildlife rehabber, I was appalled that one of my cats was killing birds. We need a door for our dog to go outside and we tried everything we could to keep the cats from getting out including using a microchipped door and shock collars for the cats. The little stinkers were still able to get out, even going underneath the dog to bypass our efforts. As you can see, we’ve gone to great lengths to protect our bird friends and these bibs have been the most effective thing yet!

  6. Michelle Marsico

    Works great but it wears out and is not as stiff as it was so I’m getting her a new one after 3 months

  7. M Richardson

    Writing this so other folks can avoid my mistake. In a fit of “dammit _another_ dead bird” emotions I bought this, without reading that the square, extra-large size isn’t for extra large cats. Definitely start with the smaller size. Also give your kitty time to adjust to it, and train them that the bib=outside time by starting to introduce it slowly. All of that is in the detailed instructions, which of course I didn’t read. You can probably see where this is going. First day out, my murder-kitty manage to break his collar and there went 13 bucks.

    Giving it 5 stars cuz it’s not the maker or seller’s fault I’m a dum dum.

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