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Saturday, December 10, 2016

“This inexpensive product.. has literally saved tens if not a hundred birds!” (Testimonials 2016)


In the approximate 2 months that our kitty has been wearing the bib the bird death toll has reduced from 3 birds or more a week.  It is a roaring success and I am so glad that I ordered it.

Now I can relax and stop stressing the neighbors will poison her or something as they are avid birders.

Many thanks,

From hot and sunny South Africa
Dalene – September 2016



As soon as we attach her bib, she calmly walks out on the deck. It is delightful to have her be so accepting of the collar and bib. She can groom herself, eat, snooze and accept pets all the while wearing the bib.

This ease of use as well as its effectiveness have made us promoters of the cat bib. Our two year old male, will soon get his collar and bib. We have put our phone number on the back of the bib, so it works as  identification also.

We will continue to spread the word.    In appreciation,

Jan Weil –  San Juan Island – July 2016



Hi, this is Hammie wearing his bib. We have bird feeders and I have found, sadly, dead birds the two times I accidentally let him out without the bib.  With the bib, he can’t get them.  It really works!


Marie Carver – Salem, OR – May 2016





Well the Cat Bib arrived safely to Zimbabwe and seems to be  doing the job on protecting the Wildlife there!!  And its Not bothering Albie at all.  My other sister wants one so she will be in touch.

Thanks again,

Grace – January 2016






Wow! This product is a life saver. Our cat Jarvis was regularly catching birds with brutal efficiency. Trying to keep him inside made both him and us miserable. We ordered him a cat bib and despite his small size a large bib was needed because as the website says the bib size should be proportional to the hunting ability not the size of the cat.  It took him no more than 5 minutes to get used to wearing it and now he patiently waits by the door to have the bib put on before going out. In 3+ months I think he’s killed as many birds as he would easily catch in one day. This inexpensive product (and cheers to the company for keeping prices and shipping costs so low!) has literally saved tens if not a hundred birds! The collars they sell are wonderful too. Well worth the price.Thank you, cat bib people, for making this fantastic product that saves wildlife and still allows my cat to be content. That equals a VERY happy customer!

Simon Woodrup – Weaverville, NC – October 2015

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