CatBib saves birds Once we switched from breakaway to the elastic band safety collar (per your recommendation) we haven’t lost one bib to the meadow out back. And better, Tompkins county, NY hasn’t lost one song bird since we started wearing the bib! and, he loves it (because it’s associated with going outside). and he can run and jump and do all good cat work in the world. thanks so much!

Thanks for your good work, Ada – Ithaca, New York, USA – September 1, 2012


CatBib saves birds CatBib saves birds Hello CatBib people, I just wanted to tell you how delighted I am with my CatBibs. My cats, Sid and Gus, had become avid bird hunters as they matured and were bringing dead birds into the house. As you well know cats are hell on the bird population. This spring I felt I had no choice but to keep them indoors which was misery for the all of us. Then my daughter told me about CatBibs and I decided to give them a try. The first time I put them on Sid and Gus the boys seemed a little confused but only for moments. Then it was business as usual. They have been going outside daily now for several weeks and we’ve had no bird fatalities. I know you’ve heard this kind of story many times. But the thing I really want to tell you about is that my cats actually seem to like their bibs. When I first looked at your site I chuckled because the cats in the pictures with their bibs on all looked kind of miffed or embarrassed and I wondered how well my cats would tolerate the bibs. Well, my cats seem to proudly sport their bibs. In the morning I ask them if they want to go outside and then I go to the backdoor with the cat door. They follow me. Gus sits down and lets me put his bib on. Sid lies down and lets me put his bib on. They don’t go out immediately so it doesn’t seem like they are desparate to go out but they really want their bibs on. Maybe they associate their bibs with being able to go out. I don’t know. Anyway, the CatBibs have been such a huge bonus in our lives. I can confidently let my cats out and know that the bird community is safe. Win win!

Thank you so much, Lisa – Hot Springs, Montana, USA – July 12, 2012


CatBib saves birds Biscuit loves his new purple catbib! (see him smiling?) He doesn’t always want us to put it on, but after it’s on, he completely ignores it. He still climbs trees, pounces on bugs, and runs around like a crazy cat. It doesn’t even affect his collar magnet for our cat door – he gets in just fine. It hasn’t changed him a bit, but we’re happier without dead or half-dead birds brought in the house, and bird parts in the yard to pick up. I suspect the birds are happier, too.

Margaret – Seattle, Washington, USA – July 7, 2012


CatBib saves birdsI got your name from my vet over here in Lincoln City OR. Just a fluke, we were talking when I had my cats in for a check, and was telling her I would like to let them out more but they are really hunters and she told me about your BIBS! Glad she did! I haven’t seen him catch a bird since he’s been wearing it. Thank you! I have passed the word along too and even posted a pic on Facebook of Tucker in his. ( Plus I like to buy from people who are in Oregon of course).

Linda – Otis, Oregon, USA – June 15, 2012


CatBib saves birds Incidentally, I love the Cat Bib.!!!! It means that both my cat Spot and the birds can both enjoy the garden I have told all my friends about this brilliant idea.

Jack – Montreal, Quebec, Canada – April 27, 2012


CatBib saves birds Domino is an excellent hunter, but since he’s been wearing his cat bib, he hasn’t caught one bird! Here’s Domino, ready to go out!

Stephanie – Newcastle, Maine, USA – March 20, 2012

Cat Goods, Inc. notes, that it’s been over a year since Domino was fitted with a CatBib.


CatBib saves birds Thank you for my cat bib its amazing. My cat has not caught one bird since we put it on him that would be about 2wks ago. I can now put it on him in the morning and he can go outside. Before the cat bib we would only let him out at nite when the birds were not active. great job.

Regards, Chris – Sydney, British Columbia, Canada – December 10, 2011


CatBib saves birds Mina was a fierce and successful hunter which was really upsetting. I tried multiple bells with no effect. In desperation I searched online and found the cat bib. She only minded it for a short while and I’ve not seen her with a single bird or mouse since. I am so relieved and it’s also been highly appreciated by some bird loving neighbors. I can’t thank you enough for the bib.

Sincerely, Katy – Providence, Rhode Island, USA – December. 2, 2011


CatBib saves birds Thank you so much. Colton is not hunting much anymore!! He hasn’t bothered the neighbor’s birds for months!! He is out and about all day, and we live in a wooded area. He does still get a lizard here and there, and he does manage to lose his collar and bib, periodically!!! We couldn’t think of a name for him, so we named him after the city he was found in!!! Thank you, again.

Eleanor – Glendale, California, USA – October 23, 2011


CatBib saves birds Attached is a picture of our 3 year old cat, Boffen, in his cat bib which he wears all the time. One good thing about this picture is that it shows him very relaxed and that he is not bothered by his cat bib.

He would bring the mice, moles, etc. into the house, play with them and let them get away — into the washer, the stove, the back of the refrigerator, under a bookcase that was bolted to a shelf, etc. It’s lucky for him that he is lovable and amusing or he would not still be here as the mice ruined the washer, required dismantling the stove to remove soiled insulation, necessitated pulling out the refrigerator to remove a dead chipmunk, etc., etc. When he brought in a couple of birds and a snake we got on the web to see if there was something we could do — and we found “cat bibs.”

We found it essential to buy the kind of collar with a little elastic. When we first used the quick release collar (which he had been wearing with many bells!) he lost the cat bib over and over. Once we got a collar with a little elastic it worked well.

The number of “critters” brought in went down dramatically. He did bring in a few moles and then brought in another bird, so, as you can see in the picture, we ordered the large size bibs. So far, so good. Thank you for creating and selling this product! Our vet was very intrigued to see the bib when we took Boffen in for his shots last month. She took him back to show the other vets and techs — maybe they’ll tell other clients about it. Barbara – Valley Grove, West Virginia, USA – October 16, 2011


CatBib saves birds My cat, Clyde, is a bit of a rascal and a natural-born hunter, or so it seems. He’s long and lean and very quick – also very patient at lurking under bushes and in the tall grass and bringing home furred and feathered creatures. It’s the feathered ones that really bothered me the most. I’ve used your catbibs for 2 or 3 years now and this year especially – using the larger bib – has been very successful in thwarting Clyde’s hunting efforts. I would certainly recommend other people trying your product.

Mary – Calais, Maine USA – August 25, 2011

ALISTAIR – It’s a miracle!

CatBib saves birds I bought a bib for Alistair, my three-year-old Somali, and I put it on like a cape and spun it around to the front, so he didn’t even notice it. Prior to wearing his bib, he would bring home injured songbirds for he and my German shepherd to “play with”, and it was awful for the poor birds. Once he started wearing his bib, the only thing he has brought us since is a cicada (large insect). I love this product. It doesn’t stop him from jumping or running, and he gets very excited when I put on his bib, because he knows he gets to go out. I highly recommend this product for every cat-owner who has an indoor/outdoor cat!!

Cat – Chantilly, VA USA – August 22, 2011


CatBib saves birds Hi there, here is a picture of Moonbeam catching a delicious snooze with his CatBib. We love the way he can now be let outdoors without harming any wildlife! Before, he was not only catching birds but small rabbits as well. We also use the Catbib as a large, easily readable “luggage tag” and write his name, address and phone number on the Catbib with a waterproof magic marker. Now I feel confident that should he stray, everyone in our neighborhood knows exactly where he belongs. Thanks for an ingenious product that is both simple and effective. We all love the CatBib, congratulations on a fabulous product!!

Daniela – Port Washington, NY, USA – July 17, 2011


CatBib saves birds

The small bib worked well during most of the day, but our cat is determined and we still had to bring her inside the house in the morning when birds are most active at our feeders. But the large bib has worked perfectly: no dead birds at our doorstep regardless of whether we leave our cat outside or bring her in.

Michael – Cookeville, TN, USA – July 5, 2011


CatBib saves birds

Dear Cat Goods, Inc: This is Grizzly Bear. He starting catching birds almost daily last spring (2010), when he was about 1 1/2 years old, and when he brought home four birds in one day, we knew we had to do something. I did a desperate Google search and found the Catbib and ordered it immediately. He wore it for the rest of the spring and summer and only caught one more bird. I was nervous at first, as he is very sensitive to change, but he doesn’t seem to mind the bib at all. In fact, he grooms it every day. Thank you so much! I have recommended it to all my friends with “bird hunters.” It really works.

Patti – Fountain Valley, California, USA – June 12, 2011


CatBib saves birds We have five cats. In the past 2 1/2 years we have twice ordered CatBibs from you. The results have been excellent! Not one bird was killed, even though we have a 2 acre garden, with a very large bird and squirrel feeder.

Isabella – Baie-d’Urfe, Quebec, Canada – June 11, 2011


CatBib saves birds ROSIE my cat who was bringing me endless presents of birds has not come home with one since wearing her catbib from the end of March. She is quite happy to wear it and has never shown any reaction to my putting it on her which surprised me. I remove it when she comes in for the evening/night. I definitely recommend them.

Carol – Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, United Kingdom – May 15, 2011


CatBib saves birds Nala is a lilac Burmese and although fully grown she is a very petite cat so I bought the small bib, however it was still a little big and tripped her up. But the material was very easy to trim down to size and now poses no problem for her, except when it comes to catching birds! She seems happy to wear it and has made no attempt to get it off. We had just got back from a holiday to find out she had kept the pet sitter very busy, 15 birds in 10 days! Despite being so tiny and sweet natured she brings in large adult blackbirds and starlings on a regular basis and this had to stop as it is very distressing for the family. I have not found any other solution but the cat bib has worked wonders, thanks very much!

Kerry – Barlaston, Stoke On Trent, United Kingdom – May 26, 2011


CatBib saves birds Hello…thank you for this wonderful bib. “Velvet” hasn’t caught a bird since I bought this from you,,,,,Boy the birds are happy,,,we have cardinals, grossbeaks, etc, etc, none getting killed!! Here’s a photo of Velvet “grumply kitty at bottom with her “cat bib” on,,,note rose breasted grossbeak eating at left side of feeder” Kitty can’t catch beautiful birds with this wonderful bib on!

Beth – Perth, Ontario, CANADA – May 18, 2011


CatBib saves birds The attached picture is of our lovely cat Laurel wearing one of his CatBibs. He’s a very affectionate cat but also, unfortunately, a very effective hunter. Before we discovered CatBibs he was killing up to 2 birds a day. However, since he has been wearing a Catbib, the amount of birds he is able to catch has dropped to almost nil, just an occasional unfortunate rodent. The CatBib is quite a talking point with the neighbours! It may look a bit odd, but the CatBib doesn’t bother Laurel at all. We have tried bells and sonic devices, some of which were expensive and all were ineffective. We tell everyone we can about the CatBib as it is the most effective deterrent we have found and we really want to protect our local birdlife. Thank you very much for this simple, clever invention!

Caroline – Malvern, Worcestershire, United Kingdom – May 15, 2011


CatBib saves birds Hello! Attached is a picture of our cat Softail wearing her bib. She’s quite the topic of conversation with our neighbors. She has been wearing a bib for 2 years now. This product works. We thank you and our wild birds thank you!

Rose – Carlisle, Pennsyvania, USA – March 21, 2011


CatBib saves birds CatBib saves birds Lyle and Harbour (formerly indoor cats who couldn’t be contained) turned out to be formidable hunters which I found very distressing. Since they have been “bibbed”, their hunting exploits have been largely unsuccessful. I know this because I suspended use of the bibs around Christmas with the result that victims began turning up in the house and on the doorstep. Since the reinstitution of daily bibs, the carnage has ceased although the boys continue to go out. I have had to buy a second set while the first is in the wash. We also live on a busy street and I know that Lyle crosses the road regularly but he is visible from a distance with his colourful bib on. I am grateful for a solution to two problems which seems to work well with no fuss.

Kim – Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada – February 13, 2011


CatBib saves birds Thank you for the cat bib. It works. St. Phalle wears it when she goes outside. I never wanted to have a cat again and she adopted us. So I investigated what to do about any hunting she may choose to do and I found your product. She only goes out a little but she wears her “cape ” as we call it when she goes out. She was mad at first now she doesn’t mind. The birds are very relieved! We have a wildlife yard and LOTs of Carolina Wrens and cardinals. I love all animals and am a vegetarian and it breaks my heart that cats are hunting our songbirds. Thank you. Cheers!

Holly – Asheville, North Carolina, USA -January 31, 2011


CatBib saves birds First, let me say that before CatBib, I could have opened my own natural history museum had I stuffed all the animals Darter brought me in any given year. Really. She is a 21-year old, natural-born huntress who just keeps on going, going and going. A friend recommended CatBib after I was past my wits end (Why didn’t I hear of this years ago!), and considering putting Darter down because she was not only mauling animals, BUT mauling the legs of my diabetic husband. Miraculously, CatBib solved both problems! She’s just lost interest in stealth attacks. AND…has gained a bit of much-needed weight because she is moving slower these days. Yay!!

Susan – Bloomington, Indiana, USA – December 10, 2010


CatBib saves birds

Hello Catbib people, I am attaching a photo of my cat Feather in her bib. Feather is a very active and curious cat who was a stray before I adopted her from the shelter. She has only caught 1 bird since wearing a bib for the past 1 1/2 years. Before that it was about 1 per week. She does still catch mice in the basement. After the first couple of weeks of having the bib on when she went out, and getting a treat when it was put on, she became very accepting of the bib. She seems to be able to run and jump just fine with it on. Many thanks,

Susan – La Grande, Oregon, USA – October 14, 2010


CatBib saves birds Angie used to be a very prolific hunter until I went online and found the cat bib. It has been several months since I got Angie her first cat bib and she has only caught one bird (which I managed to rescue and release before she killed it). I was worried that the cat bib would inhibit other activities that would be important for a cat (like running or climbing or eating and drinking), but that has not been the case. Angie can still do all the things she used to do except catch birds.

Vicky -Friendswood, Texas, USA – October 4, 2010


CatBib saves birds Attached is a photo of our cat “Lovie” wearing her large cat bib. We started out with a regular size bib however found that Lovie, a feral, continued to get a bird or two. Once we switched to the large, no more dead birds! Thanks Catbib!

Roger – Comfort, Texas, USA – October 3, 2010


CatBib saves birds

Thank you guys so much! We love Ginger, and as soon as her first Spring with us arrived , about four years ago, she started bringing us all types of wild animals (bunnies as big as she is) :( Thankfully we found your website! She goes through about four or five bibs a year, but it’s so worth it, we would buy twenty if we had to. Ginger is very wild, she goes outside for only a few minutes a day, but in this little time she is a great hunter – we wish she was an inside cat, but we got her from the streets and she just won’t stay inside. Last month she lost another bib, and when she came home she had another animal with her, she was out for ten minutes :( She just got another package full of new bibs in the mail today, and we are all happy, she’s been home for four days! Thank you all so much, you have no idea how much happiness you brought to our home, and we LOVE you for that!!!

Ana – Stamford, Connecticut, USA – September 23, 2010


CatBib saves birds Gizzy became part of our family 5 years ago. She came to us as an undernourished feral cat from the East End of Portland, Maine. We took her in not knowing the battle we would soon run into with trying to change her into an indoor cat. She acted out by peeing on everything insight (basically ruining all of those things). We quickly decided to try another home with an friend. That did not work either; she did not like sharing her life with other cats. Gizzy came back to us and we had to live with the fact that she would be an outdoor cat. Time went by with many presents left at the door. Our hearts would break every time at the thought of contributing to the deaths of all of those beautiful birds. Last year we found the web site for Cat Bibs and decided to try the product with not much hope in sight. Shortly after Gizzy started wearing the bib, we drastically noticed that no birds were at out door steps and Gizzy wanting to eat more and come in the house with us! A purr miracle!! I feel very very happy that our cat is able to enjoy the outdoors and not take part in the decrease in bird life! Thank YOU Cat Bibs for your invention!

Crystal – Portland, Maine, USA – September 21, 2010