CatBibHere’s our Paulie Boy wearing his beautiful new outdoor gear. He’s not any happier but the hummingbirds are and so am I. Paulie knows he has to put his bib on before he goes out. and he loves to go out in our mostly fenced yard next door to a farm. He usually gets up in the chair by the back door (so I don’t have to reach down to put the bib on) when he wants out. When he comes back in, he gets a hug when I take the bib off. Notice ahem, that its the larger size bib (Paulie is 23lbs). OK maybe you don’t necessarily need the larger size for a larger cat but hey why take chances. And yes we know Paulie is overweight but you should see the rest of the 7 member litter.Paulie’s brother and other litter retainee, Howler Wingnut VII, is slim and speedy but tops out at a dainty 15 lbs. Thanks CatBib for helping us find a solution to getting overweight cats out for exercise and keeping the birds alive at the same time. Paulie however wants to talk to you about this.

Rinee – Albany, OR – August 30, 2008


CatBib‘m so glad we found the CatBib! Our cat was on a 1-to-2-a-day bird diet, we tried EVERYTHING to get him to stop. He even ended up in to see the vet when he ate a bird that caused an infection and made him sick. The cat bib has done wonders. We were skeptical, but he hasn’t caught a bird since. Attached is a photo of “Kitty,” our extra-large tom cat in his cat bib. Thanks,

Rob and Laura – Sandy, Utah – Sept. 4, 2008


CatBibMy name is Bennie. I used to be a city cat but then my mom and dad and I moved to the country and I got to play outside. I liked playing outside a lot because birds are outside. Birds are fun to catch. I liked bringing them home to show my mom and dad what a good hunter I was. My mom told me not to do it anymore but I didn’t listen.Then one day mom got a box in the mail and when she opened it I saw a new collar. I thought it was a collar because she put it around my neck. It was a pretty blue color and very comfortable to wear. I almost forgot I was wearing it until I tried to catch a bird. I was crouched down in my favorite bush outside the house. The bird was so close I could smell it! I leapt out from my hiding place and the bird started to fly away. I started to grab it with my paws and all of the sudden I couldn’t see it anymore… the only thing I saw was my new, blue collar. The same thing happened over and over again. I got tired of all that work so I gave up hunting and now I sit on the porch with mom and dad and watch the deer instead.

Alisa – Wayzata, MN – August 31, 2008


CatBibHi Catbib people! Thank you for the great catbibs. Our kitty Parker was getting a bird every time she got outside before she started wearing the bib. Now we can let her out without worrying – she can run and climb trees with the bib on, but is no longer getting birds. So she can go outside whenever she wants.

Anne – Wyncote, Pennsylvania – August 26, 2008


CatBibHe has no problem climbing and just being plain ol naughty in his bib!! :) He is doubled up right now with bibs cause of baby bunnies. But, since I’ve doubled up he is doing good! Thanks for this wonderful product!! The birds and bunnies appreciate it!

Jackie – Omaha, Nebraska – August 11, 2008


CatBibOur cat Karma is a proficient hunter. She frequently would bring us dead half eaten birds and leave them on the front step of our bed and breakfast inn. Many times guests would walk outdoors to encounter the remains before we were aware of Karma’s “present” for us. We had to do something. We ordered a cat bib and the killing stopped. We can happily state that she has not killed anything (except for a large rat) in almost a month since using the bib. She does not seem interested in killing but has remained happy. Thanks for a great product. It really works and we tell all of our guests who have cats.

Fred and Mary – Cedar House Inn – Dahlonega, Georgia – July 7, 2008


CatBibWe have two cats and two bibs. Fantastic, not a single bird fatality in a year. The cats are still not entirely convinced! Bibs are getting a bit worn. Lots of our friends have been told about the bibs and are interested.

Scott – Northumberland, United Kingdom – July 14, 2008


CatBibWe love it!! Two birds have been saved today–and it is only our first day of wear!! I watched my cat Felicity try for 2 different birds yesterday. A finch landed on the ground about 4 ft from where she was lying in wait underneath some shrubbery. It was very close–but she couldn’t manuever around that bib fast enough!! The second incident was a mourning dove–it is hard to be stealth when you are wearing a large purple bib :-) I was suprised that my cats adapted so quickly to wearing the bib. Neither has worn a collar in over a year. Thanks again!

Dianne – Lake Villa, IL – July 14, 2008


CatBibmy cats are only out for about 45 minutes at a time 2-3 x a day (3 times on weekends when i am home) so it may be a little soon to assess. but after a week, so far, they have not caught anything. and i see how it interferes in their “pounce” mechanism — just bumps them and throws them off a hair – and those extra seconds give their prey time to escape. they don’t love it, but they don’t mind it. it does not seem to inhibit dino’s tree climbing ability (he’s the one that’s part main coon) and i have seen him sit in a tree, bird watching, with it on.

Marcy – Forest Park, IL – July 15, 2008


CatBibAnd here is Mokee sleeping peacefully among the toys with bib. From the first moment I put on his bib, he has never minded it at all. He’s quite the hunter so I think it really helps a lot. I wish I could keep him in but he won’t have it so I’m very glad to have the bib to help protect the precious birds. Thanks for a great product.

Laurie-Ann – Cotati, California – July 15, 2008


CatBibThank you for inventing the catbib. I have several pictures of Brock, our black male cat, wearing the bib. He is now wearing his purple bib. He has only caught one bird with it on. He used to catch a bird a day. It has been several weeks since he started wearing it. I don’t know if he was able to leap in the air to catch the one bird he did, or just how he did it. I always make sure Brock has his bib on now and just feel very panicky when he goes outside without it!

Connie – Lake Oswego, Oregon – July 4, 2008


CatBibHere’s my cat Riley wearing his catbib. He doesn’t mind wearing it at all. We call his name at night and he comes running and sits down while we put it on. If we forget to put it on we usually wake up to a bird or a rabbit crying in our living room at 5:00 am. Thanks to the catbib, our outdoor friends stay safe OUTDOORS and we get a full nights sleep. Thanks catbib!

Diane – Charlotte, N. Carolina – July 1, 2008


CatBibHi there – just wanted to write and say THANK YOU on behalf of the birds in my village! My cat (Wickesy) was on a minimum one bird a day habit and since I put the bib on he hasn’t got a single one! He can still jump around the trees better than a squirral but hasn’t managed to catch anything – it’s absolutely amazing! I have got myself a credit card purely so I can order a couple more as spares! Have attached a photo of him looking gorgeous!! Many thanks again,

Sarah – Overton on Dee, United Kingdom – June 9, 2008


CatBibThe birds and chipmonks are very happy now that Louie has his CATBIB. He even waits at the door for his bib because he knows the bib means OUT TIME!!

Philip – Meshoppen, Pennsylvania – June 8, 2008


CatBibHere’s a picture of my cat Liona wearing her blue cat bib. I’m sure the bib has saved many birds from Liona. We give her lots of pets and attention when we put it on and so she doesn’t mind and gets around fine wearing it. She is in and out so she wears it most of the day – and we take it off her as soon as it gets dark.

Gina – Inglewood, California – June 7, 2008


CatBibI ordered and received a CatBib for our little huntress Truffle several weeks ago. It immediately broke her of her 2-a-day bird habit, and as the attached photo shows has not interfered in any way with her driving or other daily activities.

Bruce – Mountain View, California – May 27, 2008


CatBibSince Oscar (tabby) and Watson (gray and white) got their new cat bibs, there have been no more rodent kills. Until I “bibbed” them, they had delivered 2 birds, 11 chipmunks, 8 mice, 1 shrew, and two little bunnies this spring alone, despite the fact that they have bells on their collars. So far, so good . . . I’ll put the new pink bib on their little sister, Cassie. Thanks for this great invention!

Jeannie – Lexington, Kentucky – May 26, 2008


CatBibWe have been using the “Cat Bib” for a few years now on our cat Zippy. She was bringing in birds through our pet door like crazy. This web site was a blessing, because now she can’t catch them.


Daryl-Ann — Fayetteville, North Carolina — April 30, 2008


CatBibSmokey doesn’t like his bib, but his Mom does!

When he wears it, he doesn’t get birds, and a lot fewer mice and chipmunks.

He is learning to let Mom put on the bib so he can go out and play.

Cara – Charlotte, VT, April 2, 2008


CatBibThis is my cat Felix wearing his cat bib.

Since he has had it he has never caught a bird

He waits for his bib everytime he goes outside.

Clare – North Wales, United Kingdom – March 24, 2008


CatBibG’day. I’m an Aussie farm ex-queen named buz. I live where I please and I do what I want, but my bird-catching days are behind me, thanks to this bloody bib. I couldn’t get rid of it during my recent six weeks’ walkabout , although now it’s hardly the fashion item it once was. I’ll always consider birds a food group, but I suppose it can’t hurt to help them along a bit. As you can see, I’m none the worse for my changed diet.

Jim – Ravenshoe, Queensland, Australia – February 14, 2008


CatBibDear CatBib-bers, Thanks very much for inventing the CatBib! Our cat Styopa is by nature a sweet, lovable little killing machine, but he has not caught a single bird in the two months since we began attaching the CatBib to him! He seems completely oblivious to the presence of the Bib, which allows him to wander, run, eat freely, and even to stalk birds around our house — but without ever catching them.

James – Gainesville, Florida – February 14, 2008


CatBibHi. My 10 year old Maine Coon Zarra loves her red cat bib. It doesn’t interfere with frisking around or lying down to beg for a brushing, but she hasn’t brought me any birds since wearing it for two years.

Bruce – Atkinson, New Hampshire – January 12, 2008


CatBibJasmine is a very sweet girl, but also a natural born bird hunter. She is not an outdoor cat, but we have the large kennel for her outside. She can get there anytime through an under ground tunnel that connects with our house. One day I discovered that she had learned to hunt birds inside the kennel. Because of this, I had to stop her from going outside during the day. After researching the internet, I purchased a catbib for her. Now she is free to visit her kennel any time. There has been no more dead birds of course. She has not even had any trouble walking through her 6″ tunnel wearing it. Thank you very much for this wonderful product!

Lisa – Pikeville, NC – Jaunuary 2, 2008


CatBibDear CatBib,

This is our cat Rosie, wearing your CatBib. She is four and one half years old and catches birds. But since wearing your CatBib, we haven’t seen ANY birds lying around the house. She has gotten used to it and we love not having to clean up any more carcases. Thanks for this wonderful solution to a big problem!

Jody – Victoria, BC, Canada – January 1, 2008


CatBibWe live adjoining a nature reserve and our cat, Mahli, was used to a veritable smorgasboard of wildlife which she would bring home to share with us on an almost daily basis! Since adorning her with her new fashion statement catbib, we have noticed with pleasure, she has not come home with any; birds, rabbits, mice, lizards, or ducklings (her favourite!). We had to watch her walk around like a snobby ballerina for a couple of days until she got used to it but other than that she hasn’t complained once! Very Impressive results- and such a simple concept! Thank you!

Tan and Chels – Tabourie Lake, New South Wales, Australia – December 6, 2007


CatBibThank you for this wonderful product. I have referred it to friends and family that are concerned about the safety of our wild bird population when it comes to our pet cats hunting them. You can see from the pictures attached that my cat PuttPutt has been wearing hers since July and I can tell you it has saved countless birds lives; this kitty is a real hunter as she grew up as a stray. I have it attached backwards on purpose as the color on the other side has faded from use! I will order more. Thank you again, it really works!

Meredith – LaConner, Washington, USA – November 19, 2007


CatBibI’m convinced the CatBib works in stopping my cat from catching birds and lizards. We’ve trained him to wait for the bib before he goes out. So we can even open the door and he won’t go out until the bib is on! He looks so handsome in it as he is black and the bib is blue!

Great idea-great product.

Andrew – Perth, Western Australia – November 18, 2007