CatBibDear CatBib People, I have a funny story about our cat Rupert (bird and rodent hunter extraordinaire) and his catbib. I was going to send you a picture of him wearing his purple catbib, which I must say really stopped him from being able to kill birds, but like the first one I ordered he lost it. This time though he wore it for one month instead of the four hours his first one lasted. I was determined to find this bib before I ordered another one as I’m getting tired of him losing them. I searched everywhere!


We have 11 acres of trees and shrubs and some landscaping and of course bird feeders everywhere. We love to watch our birds, but Rupert was really stressing us out and I was thinking of taking all the feeders down. The Catbib made feeding the birds a worry free and fun experience again! I had to find his lost bib as I was worried that he was going to catch a bird again. Anyway, today my husband found the bib in a place where we looked a thousand times. At first it appeared to have been torn off by a wild animal, but after closer inspection we realized one of our dogs found the bib before we did and thought it was a great toy. It made us laugh, after all that searching, to have one of the dogs find it and totally destroy it. What fun that must had been! I don’t know if this is much of a testimonial because, as you can see, there isn’t much of a bib left for Rupert to wear, but I must admit that the Catbib really does stop cats from killing birds! Rupert would bring 3 to 4 birds home a week, plus I would find dead ones in the yard here and there.


After wearing the Catbib I only found one dead bird. It slowed him down on rodents too. Before the Catbib he could easily catch three or four mice a night. It must get in his way because he has only caught a few since. I’m not sure how the bib came off, but I think his collar wasn’t tightened enough after removing it one evening. Human error I suppose. This time I think he will wear it at all times, and still get his love and petting while sporting his new bib.

Stephanie – Shelton, Washington – July 15, 2007


CatBibOur Ishan is quite the hunter. We recently moved to a new neighborhood with many birds and thought we might have to keep Ishan inside due to his skilled sportsmanship. But alas, the cat bib came to the rescue. Ishan is able to enjoy the outdoors and the birds can too. His bib has also created many opportunities to meet the neighbors as it is quite the conversation piece. Thank you!

Amy & Steve – Branford, CT – October 23, 2007


CatBibThis is El Gato, a true avian predator, sporting his new CatBib in Salmon, Idaho. We thank you as do the hundreds of American goldfinches, black-capped chickadees, house wrens, and most recently, Stellar’s jays that grace our backyard. Now, the garden is proving to be more like the Garden of Eden for our bird friends, fueling up for the long, cold Salmon winters.

Larry – Salmon, Idaho – October 22, 2007


CatBibDear Cat-Bib everyone, Here is Chuck E.Cheese (aka feline killing machine) shown proudly wearing his lavendar Cat-Bib. He never conscientiously objected to it, but did swear a bit, at first. Chuck was considered a disposable kitten to some pervert. I found him at about 6 weeks of age, in my garage…now 4 years old. He stayed and grew into a big strong boy, with instinctive hunting skills. This bib did save many birds from his predation. We safeley fledged a nest of blue birds, as well as many robins. So thank you to whomever invented this great cat amenitie – it will be back on him in spring.

Liz – Franklinville, NY – October 14, 2007


CatBibOur cats Six and Specks posing. The catbibs make letting them out of the house much more relaxing, knowing they’re not going to be able to catch birds. You have a great product. Thanks!

Bradley – Queensland, Australia – October 1, 2007


CatBibI’d like to say how impressed I am with the bib. Our cat is a real terror, probably able to catch about 5 birds a week. I am happy to report we have only noticed her catch one bird since getting her cat bib in May. I think this is remarkable. She is quite used to it now, even grooming it at night which is strange to see. I plan to contact our local animal control officer to promote them in our area. Attached photos of Tarzee. Also a photo of a visiting kookaburra. My husband has hung hollows in the trees and we hope they may choose to nest here soon.

Annette — Port Lincoln, South Australia — September 7, 2007


CatBibMy name is Joey and I’ve been wearing the bib for several months now. I’m actually a very sweet cat. I just made a few mistakes. First there was “that incident with the Blue Jay”. I’m not sure why it was such a big deal… mom rescued the jay from the master bedroom and took it back outside. The silly bird even came back to eat peanuts several times after that. Maybe the last straw was the fact that I scared the… uh… uh… Let’s just say the bedspread and walls had some new colors on them! I started attending 12 Step meetings and thought I had my taste for birds whipped. I had over a year of clean time when I felt the need to go out and do a little more “research”. I fell off the wagon with a fury, bringing home 2 house sparrows in a matter of days. That’s when my mom bought the Cat Bib at a local pet bakery and made me start wearing it. Oh yes… they got quite a laugh out of it at first. I guess my sadistic parents thought it was funny for me to be a little clumsy and walk like a bulldog, but I taught them. Soon I was running and jumping as fast as before, but with one small difference: no dead birds. I haven’t even had to return to the meetings!! This seemed to make everyone happy as my parents are both bird lovers. They do have to answer questions about why I’m wearing this “tie” (or cape, if I’m on my back), but the neighbors seem to think it’s a pretty cool idea. I’ve even gotten to the point where I almost feel naked if I don’t have it on and pretty much won’t try to leave the house without it on.
Thanks for bringing some peace back to our house.

Julie and Scott – Longmont, Colorado — September 2, 2007


CatBibRaoul is a huge success story. He goes out daily and hasn’t caught one bird since he’s been wearing the CatBib. He was catching a bird each day. Luckily I was able to save them and got the bib just in the nick of time!!! Thanks so much!! We are so happy with this product, you saved Raoul’s outdoor life. He is such a happy little cat when he’s able to go outside. The bib doesn’t prevent him from doing anything else, as you can see in the picture, he can still climb trees just fine. Thanks again.

Jackie – Omaha, Nebraska – September 2, 2007


CatBibThis is Maggie. She’s been wearing a CatBib for months now, and not only has the bib saved numerous birds, but it’s basically been a sanity-saver for me. Like many cat/owners/bird/lovers I was stressed and desperate, stalking Maggie while she was stalking the birds, especially in the early morning. Finding the bib web-site online was literally an answer to prayer. I figured that until we get to the Biblical Millennium where the wolf lays down with the lamb, SOMEONE had to have an answer to this problem. I also had a concern about Maggie being hard to identify against the driveway in my townhouse complex. The CatBib has resolved both problems, protecting the birds (she hasn’t caught any) as well as making her more visible to drivers. If you’re looking at the bib, and wondering if it’s cruel in any way, I have to say that I honestly think Maggie is happier since she’s been wearing it. She still has fun outside, rolls around and chases birds, and moths, and bugs etc, but she’s stopped her obsessive stalking, and no longer has that crazed look in her eyes. Though some of my cat-loving neighbors tease me about the bib, the birds agree I’ve made a wise and compassionate choice. Thanks CatBib inventors for turning my home into a peaceable kingdom!!

Carol — Phoenix, OR — August 30, 2007


CatBibMy Turkish Van cat, “Rusty” age 11yrs. is the proud owner of your CatBib and always wears it when he is permitted outdoors. Prior to his “CatBib Days”, when he and I had a disagreement and I would vocally admonish him, then on his outdoor tour he would return either with a baby bunny or bird and offer them to me as a “peace” gift. Since he has gotten his CatBib and wears it, no more gifts for Dad! Thanks so much.

Len – Rio Rancho, NM – August 7, 2007


CatBib(Gushkin Bandha means the Goddess of Goldmaking in Sumerian, as she is very golden with golden eyes.)
Thank you so much for inventing this wonderful device. Your Cat Bib is the only thing which keeps my youngest cat from killing birds. She has worn the Cat Bib for about a year and has not caught a single bird. This is such an enormous relief to me and my husband that my “thank you” really doesn’t begin to express our gratitude.

Pamela – Victoria, BC, Canada – August 4, 2007


CatBibThis is my beautiful hunter, Spot. As we live in the woods, she was bringing home some kind of small game every 3 or 4 days. As she is an outside cat, it was becoming more and more disturbing, as I would open the door on some poor creature, dead or badly mangled. The variety was never ending; mice, moles, snakes, flying squirrels, southern pocket gophers, and small birds. I was on the verge of giving her away, when I happened on your site looking for answers. In the few months she has been wearing your Bib, I have found only 2 animals on the porch, and NO BIRDS! She still climbs trees and chases the dog, but thanks to you, we are both happy without any more victims. Thank you for a truly WONDERFUL product!

Shirley – Oxford, FLORIDA – August 2, 2007


CatBibAttached is a photo of Nyxa with her new Bib. This is her second one, the first lasting over a year. She was averaging close to a bird a day before her first Bib! In the past year she has caught less that 6 birds yet she still gets the rats and mice. She adjusted to her new Bib in a few days and now knows she can’t go outside without it. I have recommended CatBib to everyone we know with a cat.

Ian – Victoria, British Columbia – Canada – July 22, 2007


CatBibEmerald is the cutest, friendliest, and most endearing cat you ever saw. I found her as a kitten in the woods next to my house and she has made the most wonderful pet ever! However, Emerald is also a big hunter and loves to bring in birds, snakes, etc. The CatBib is the perfect solution. Now I know that she can be outside harmoniously with other animals. She watches the birds but no longer stalks them. Now everyone can live happily! Thank you for offering this product. I am very impressed with the ingenuity that went into its development.

Mary Beth – King George, Virginia – July 21, 2007


CatBibMy partner and I had become increasingly anxious about our cat, Carlos, and his killing sprees. Having lived with people who studied grassland birds and wildlife ecology in graduate school, I knew what most people don’t: domestic cats are perhaps the biggest threat to native populations. Carlos had been terrorizing chameleons, chipmunks, and songbirds. Our bird feeder set ’em up, and Carlos knocked ’em down. We tried to keep him inside, but being now an “outdoor cat,” this made him visibly depressed and listless. Apart from being expert killers, cats are accomplished pouters.
The options were few for us. When I first saw the “catbib,” I laughed out loud. I couldn’t imagine submitting a cat to such humiliation. Our exhaustive research led us right back, though, and we thought we would give it a try. I had no problem believing that the catbib would prevent hunting (that’s the easy part – putting a cat in a burlap sack will do that). I was more skeptical about whether the cat would enjoy it or be able to lead a normal existence with it around his neck.
When the catbib arrived, we bought a collar and put it on. I thought Carlos would flip out and hide, but he got used to it very quickly. When it’s time to go out, I call him over to the couch, hook on the bib, and out he goes. Now he associates putting on the catbib with a reward: going outside. When he comes in, it’s just as easy to take it off (or not). This routine has come so naturally to him. And there have been no dead animals since. The catbib apparently slides under his step the moment he crouches in stalking mode. Thank you, catbib people, for giving Carlos a life in the great outdoors. He is happy as a clam. And a big thank you on behalf of the local ecology.

Roger and Kate – Winterville, Georgia – July 5, 2007


CatBibHere are Pico and Dopp. Beginning life feral, they were prolific hunters. Now that they wear Cat Bibs we can enjoy the gifts they bring: a pinecone, a worm, and a tiny toy Bambi. We can all relax and enjoy the outdoors. No impairment to climbing, resting, or amore!

Robin -Portland, Oregon – June 2007


CatBibMy name is Cayenne and I love my purple CatBib. I can do all the fun things I want to do (eat, play, sleep and climb trees) but I am thwarted from catching birds (something my guardians found distasteful anyway). I am a happy, stylish, reformed bird killer!

Cayenne, cared for by Linda and Mark – Woodside, California – June, 2007


CatBibDear CatBib, ZuZu was killing 1-2 birds PER DAY, and she was only a kitten! Cat Bells weren’t helping! I am a bird lover and have both feeders and houses all over our 1 acre property. I felt terribly torn between my defenseless birds and otherwise sweet cat! This CatBib was a lifesaver – she still kills small shrews and the occasional garter snake but NO MORE BIRDS. She looks silly but got used to it quickly — it dries quickly (we get a lot of rain) and seems indestructible. Thanks!

Brenda – Veneta, Oregon – June 18, 2007


CatBibAttached are a couple of photos of my beautiful killer “Orion” wearing his CatBib. I was a bit dubious at first about the effectiveness of this device, however, just last week he pounced on a Kookaburra I was feeding and for some reason he was unable to hold onto it. It was able to fly away and I can only assume it was because the CatBib got in his way and he couldn’t grip it. I also think that the brightness of the bib alone helps to warn the birds he is coming (unless they are concentrating on the mince I am feeding them!!).

Ms T – New South Wales, Australia – June 9, 2007


CatBibThank you for the beautiful “catbib”. Since Tiger has been wearing his new CatBib he has found it very difficult to catch birds. In fact, I have only found feathers by the front door on 2 occasions. Previously Tiger caught at least one bird a day. The CatBib has also made it more difficult for Tiger to fight with the neighbor’s cat.

Sue – Port Lincoln, South Australia – June 8, 2007


CatBibMy fiance, who has a phobia of birds, was at her wits end with our Cat Jasper who was constantly bringing dead birds into the house, he was averaging 4 birds a week and we had tried everything from a cat bell to alarming collars. Since we bought a catbib our problems have gone and he has brought no birds in since. We put it on him at night when he goes out and it works a treat. I can finally relax without having to worry, whats going to be there the next morning, so thanks very much.

Matthew – United Kingdom – June 8, 2007


CatBibI always dread springtime because that’s when the birds start to come out and that means that I will be finding feathers and other parts of birds in my yard, or worse yet, one of my cats will bring back an injured bird and I will have to chase the cat around to pry open his or her jaws. I’m sure that most cat owners are familiar with the horrible, helpless feeling of knowing that a poor little bird is being tortured to death by their cat. I adore cats and have 4 of them, but I’ve always said that the one and only drawback is the fact that they hunt. That’s why the Cat Bib caught my attention. I’ve had them on 2 of my cats for several days now and so far so good. They haven’t come with any birds yet and they seem to have adjusted to the bibs very quickly. My cat, Hermione, (pictured), is very small and can be a bit nervous. I was a bit worried about how she would react to the bib. Fortunately, because the bib is extremely light and can be adjusted to shorter cats, she hardly noticed it when I put it around her collar. It took her a couple of days to get used to walking normally, instead of trying to walk over it, but she goes about her daily rounds and jumps and runs as before. She has been by far the most active hunter of all our cats, so I’m glad that I can let her out with a not-so-guilty conscience. The way I look at it, if there’s a product out there that can save animal lives without injuring or impeding on another animal’s well-being, then what do I have to lose? It’s part of being a responsible pet owner and doing our best to preserve and protect wildlife.

Claudia – Norway – June 6, 2007


CatBibMy daughter ordered me a CatBib for my cat Oliver. He Loved to catch the sparrows & cardinals in the yard, After he wore the CatBib, I observed Oliver watching a Robin. He tried hunting the bird and he couldn’t suceed. Thank you Cat Goods!!

Loretta – Philadelphia PA – June 1, 2007


CatBibMy neutered tom cat Francis is an efficient hunter who loves to bring “live” birds into the house that comes into our backyard. When Francis’s recent gift was an angry woodpecker, I decided something had to be done. I found your site and ordered the CatBib. He doesn’t mind sporting the CatBib at all and so far he has not brought any gifts into the house.

Gina – Philadelphia PA – June 1, 2007


CatBibMax the cat is the sweetest kitten in the world. However, he’s a killer! And I, alas have created the perfect bird blind. There is a small pond in my back yard, and many bird feeders. Max the cat lurks in the undergrowth by the pond. While he waits a bird bathes. Max is patient he waits until the bid is at its wettest and most relaxed, then Pounce! With claws like scythes and teeth like knives he strikes. Three or four finches a day and 2 hummers a week were untimely killed by his play. I was just about to get an electric fence… $220, just so I could stop the killing, when a friend from a bird rehab group informed me of the cat bib. And guess what, Max loves it! Max is convinced that it’s an honor to wear the bib. An honor my other two non-killer cats, can only aspire to! He still lurks behind the pond, but happily there are no more feathered corpses. Thanks!

Elizabeth – Los Angeles, CA – May 29, 2007


CatBibHi, We want to thank you for creating such a wonderful product. Taj, an avid bird hunter, has not caught one bird while wearing his stylish bib. He may look like he’s ready for lunch but not of the wild sort. He’s free to climb, play, eat and sleep. We feel so much better about letting him out in the morning knowing he will be bird watching, not catching.

Renee- Ashland, OR – May 22, 2007


CatBibI want to thank you very much for creating CatBibs! My rescued black Main Coon cat I saved from the streets was always hunting birds. Spooky wears his CatBib proudly, showing off his “bandanna” when neighbors walk by my yard. Little does he realize that he has not had any luck with birds since he has been wearing the CatBib! I am happy my daughter found your web site!!

Dominic – Philadelphia, PA – May 31, 2007