CatBibHere’s a few photos of my cat Xubi in his burgundy cat bib. It has almost completely stopped his hunting habits. But as you can see, it does not hinder his top-of-the-fence cruising at all. He is quite a character. We tell him all the time that this is what stylin’ cat warriors are wearing these days. He is just about 1 year old, and when I first took him in 7 months ago, his hunting habit was voracious. I actually maintain my backyard as a bird sanctuary, and it was beginning to look like Xubi might have to go to another home. Thank goodness we found CatBib!

Lindsay – Santa Rosa, CA – May 15, 2007


CatBibSummit was very happy living up here on the Hillside (2000 feet, hence his name), in Anchorage Alaska, until the neighbors complained about the fact that he was preying on their “bird feeder” daily. So,having sensitive and inclusive minded parents, his mom and dad found the answer to Summit’s weaknesses. The CAT BIB! Now that Summit has become accustomed to his bib, he is known in the neighborhood as “Jack Nicklson” the evil one. Here is proof, the cat bib really works, and doesn’t stop your cat from doing his daily prowling, such as walking the fence, harassing the neighbors and generally looking very “Jack” like.

Vicki – Anchorage, Alaska – May 15, 2007


CatBibAttached is a picture of Smokey wearing his CatBib and grooming himself. He is a neutered male that we think didn’t take all the way!! He keeps other cats out of HIS yard and I have seen him chase off dogs!! He played havoc with the birds. He has had his CatBib about a month and he can still groom himself, but he can’t catch a bird!!! It works great!

Mike – Lenoir, North Carolina – May 13, 2007


CatBibHi, Thank you so much for inventing this…
our gorgeous cat Daikin could bring home up to three parrots a week and it was horrible, we had tried everything and were thinking of taking him to the rspca he was that bad, the parrots he mainly picked on are swift parrots which are endangered were we live, he is the typical garfield of cats unless there is birds around and then he is a machine. Thankfully due to his new ourfit the cat bib he goes out still comes home dirty and tired but free of feathers and we have noticed more bird life around our property.
So thank you and Daikin thanks you. He is off death row and back in the garden.

Dawn – Bridgenorth, Tasmania – May 9, 2007


CatBibHi! We bought a catbib after stumbling across your webpage one day. We got one for one of our cats, the avid birdcatcher Maisie. We no longer have any birds or small mammals being ‘presented’ to us! Maisie doesn’t mind wearing the catbib at all, and has been seen on occasions to be playing with it, doing all sort of gymnastics!
Thanks again for this great design!

Lisa – Culross, Scotland – May 7, 2007


CatBibHi Folks, We live in a semi-rural area and are frequently visited by small native birds, and it was not uncommon to find the remains of birds – as many as two or three a week! We have tried various methods to control his natural hunting instinct with no success until now! Since he has been wearing his CatBib, we have seen no more animal or bird remains. It seems to have limited his predatory habits. So thanking you on behalf of our Feathered Friends for your lifesaving invention.

Jean – Wanneroo, Western Australia – May 2, 2007


CatBibHi! I love your product! Nickels was an avid bird catcher when he was young and I was so excited to find your product online. It’s been wonderful not having to see Nickels with a dead bird. It was no problem getting him to wear it. He doesn’t even notice it’s on anymore. I’ve attached a photo of Nickels on the back deck with his Catbib on. Thanks for such a great product!

Kristi and Nickels – Billerica, MA – April 23, 2007
This one CatBib has been saving birds for two years!



CatBibI love Cat Bibs! I’m a bird lover. And a cat lover. My cat Sparky is a birdkiller without compare. Cat Bibs have cut down his success rate by at least 95%. He came home one day with a note tied to his collar – my neighbor was concerned that his bells and bib would make him a target for the neighborhood coyotes – but he can run like the dickens, and gets up trees in seconds.
THANKS for a great product.

Jill – Port Townsend, WA – March 30, 2007


CatBibHello, just wanted to thank you for this simple and effective thing. Marley has not brought any birds home since wearing this, and doesn’t mind wearing it at all. I put the cat bib on a separate (additional) collar for ease of putting on and taking off and it works a treat. An additional bonus is that I can easily find him when I am looking for him in the garden now. Great all around.

Claudia – Western Australia – March 27, 2007


CatBibThe catbib has been great!

No more birds or little animals coming into the house and Tiber our cat doesn’t mind wearing it at all!

Julie – Yarm, United Kingdom – March 26, 2007


CatBibI am attaching a photo of our cat, Cassie, with her Catbib on. She has always been a very determined and successful hunter when it comes to birds. I received the bib last week and she has not been able to kill a bird since She doesn’t even seem to notice she has the CatBib on.

I am very pleased with the results of this product.

Sincerely, Deborah – Dripping Springs, TX – March 20, 2007


CatBibI’ve had my cat, Chilli, for just over 2 years and even before she turned one, she got into the habit of catching birds. I searched and searched for something that would stop her killing them, and then I came across the catbib. I thought I’d give it a try, and when it arrived, I put it straight on Chilli. We’ve never seen her catch a bird ever again. It’s GREAT!

Ellie – Perth, WA, Australia – Feb. 11, 2007

The CatBib been working to stop Chilli from catching birds since July 2006!


CatBibDear Cat Goods Folks, This statement testifies to the fact that a purple CatBib has worked marvelously for us and our cat, Carbunkle (funny name, but it fits). Here is a photo of Carbunkle at ease on our dining room table with her CatBib (don’t all cats like to lie on the daily newspaper, especially when you’re reading it). Carbunkle and our other cat Chamisa had both been bringing into the house at least one bird a week, sometimes more. We had tried cat bells on their collars hoping these would warn the birds. However, the bells were not enough. There is still an occasional bird that is brought in, but we think it is brought in by Chamisa since she doesn’t have a CatBib yet. Carbunkle hasn’t shown any signs of irritation or bother wearing her CatBib and she wears it full time as our cats have free reign of the house, yard and neighborhood, thanks to a dog/cat door, which they use to come and go as they please. We’ve seen Carbunkle climbing trees and walking on rooftops. We’ve noticed that her movements are indeed hampered, but she adapts by moving her paws around it and moves it aside or just under her when sleeping. She has adapted quite well to the purple bib and our friends all remark about the strange purple thing around her collar. The bib has lasted for several months now, which pleases our pocketbooks too. The best part of this story is that we feel that we are contributing to saving birds. Please send us a free turquoise bib for our other cat Chamisa so that we can complete our bird preservation effort. We were delighted to read of your research from your web site. Thanks for your fantastic service and being there when we needed you.

Linda and Bob – Albuquerque, New Mexico – January 28, 2007


CatBibThis is Kenny , a 3 year old male who was catching 1-2 birds a day. A collar with 2 cat bells wasnt enough so I looked on the internet and found catbib. After wearing the bib for a few weeks I am convinced it works as I havent had to clean up any messes since fitting it. I recomend a catbib to any responsible cat owner who cares about preventing the damage your cat does to wildlife. Thanks catbib!

Shannon – Australia – January 25, 2007


CatBibDear Cat Goods, Please find attached a picture of our cat Oakley with his catbib on. I was desperate to find a solution to our 6 year old cat catching pigeons in our backyard (that came to visit our parrot) every week. My husband who loves birds would be devastated everytime he found their bodies (and Oakley with feathers stuck in his collar!). So I did a google search and figured I had nothing to lose. The catbib has been fantastic – Oakley hasn’t caught a bird since and although he looked funny for the first couple of days trying to jump over the bib he’s now used to it – that was 4 months ago. I’d definitely recommend it – and its great that it is not expensive either. Good thinking Cat Goods!

Cathy – Cairns, Australia – January 16, 2007


CatBibDear CatGoods, I used to give my cats 3 choices- they could be non-murderous indoor/outdoor cats, they could be indoor cats, or they could be shelter cats. Well, we all know you can’t reason with a cat, and while I never actually took one to the shelter because of bird killing, they would get placed under house arrest. I can’t bear the statistics of how much wildlife is killed by our domestic cats, and I can’t bear the suffering of the individual birds and small mammals harmed and killed. I tried everything- cat bells, multiple cat bells and shiny mylar on their collars. I saw your ad in a wildlife rehabilitation publication soon after a new cat snatched a goldfinch right out of a tree. The cats have a slight attitude about the bibs, I think they know what it is all about, but that gives me a happy little sense of power, something you rarely get with a cat. The important thing is that it works. I think it also helps to interfere with them catching small mammals. Thank you, CatGoods, for caring about the wildlife, and for caring about the cats.

Regards, Paula – National Opossum Society: Vice President, Orphan Care Committee – http://www.opossum.org – December 11, 2006


CatBibPlease find attached a picture of our six year old bird-slayer, Noni, donning her new cat bib – in Queensland maroon, of course. We were extremely concerned when, after moving house, Noni went on a murderous spree of reducing the honey-eating bird population – at its height three birds in an eight-day period. We were amazed to locate your product on the web, if not somewhat sceptical, but have been delighted with the results so far i.e. NO DEAD BIRDS. Happy birds; happy cat owners.

Kind regards,Wendy and Colin – Gold Coast, Australia – November 20, 2006


CatBibAttached is a photo of my spayed 1-year old cat, Mitzi, wearing your wonderful catbib. Mitzi is quite the hunter, and was bringing me a bird almost every day this past summer. It was very depressing as I love birds. I googled “preventing cats from killing birds” a while ago and your site came up. I ordered her bib and we haven’t seen a bird (or a lizard, grasshopper or mouse) since! Thanks so much for this great product!

Jim and Leslie – Santa Fe, NM – November 2006


CatBibThis is Stuart, our (former) Mighty Hunter, on the prowl in the backyard. He hasn’t brought home a single bird since he started wearing his CatBib, though he still enjoys the chase. And he looks awfully cute racing around with his bib flying in the breeze.

Karen – Fort Collins, Colorado – October 28, 2006


CatBibHere is Kitty Boo, loungeing comfortably in her CatBib. We thought her brother Stuart was the only hunter in the house until the day she presented us with a big dove. She got her own CatBib (one of Stuart’s spare ones) right then and there, and since then has brought us only grasshoppers and beetles. Because she is ‘one petite’ kitty, I trimmed the bottom of her bib so she doesn’t trip on it.

Karen – Fort Collins, Colorado – October 28, 2006


CatBibI bought the catbib after becoming quite desperate over my cats ability to catch bird after bird after bird.. I wasn’t sure what to do and then I came across the catbib! It seemed a strange idea at first I must admit, but when I read the testimonials I was convinced it could help. I bought the teal bib and put it on as soon as it arrived not long after the order. My cat Tiggi isn’t very big so as I’d read some people had trimmed their bibs, I decided that was a good idea for me also. Tiggi isn’t particularly happy to be wearing the bib but it has definitely helped stop her from catching birds and she is still able to go outside and explore so I am very happy. Thanks a lot to the catbib inventors!

Shazia – Manchester, United Kingdom – October 11, 2006


CatBibHi, I’m attaching a recent photo of my 11 year old cat, Hershey. Much to my dismay, my declawed Hershey discovered how to use the dog door last summer. He has been surviving just fine; too fine in fact. Even though he has no front claws, he has been able to catch several birds – and he brings them into the house through the dog door! I found it sickening to think that I was luring birds into my yard with bird feeders, bird baths and lots of bushes & trees, only to have my cat kill them. In desperation, I went on the internet and found this strange looking thing called a Cat Bib. I tried it, and from Day One, it has worked great! I have not had one bird killed by him and besides him having to get used to walking with the bib on, there have been no issues at all.

Susie – Arvada, Colorado September 19, 2006


CatBibJack displayed his killer instinct early in life and even after he was declawed he continued to kill birds. He is very appreciative of his “bib” as it allows him to go outdoors during the day. I am so impressed that I recommend it to all my clients who think declawing stops the killing. Thank you ever so much.

Rathdrum, Idaho Veterinarian – September 7, 2006