Customer Testimonials

Read through the wonderful experiences of CatBib customer and see for yourself how you can use the CatBib to put a stop to your cat from catching and killing birds.

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“CatBib Cured Our Cat From Hunting Birds!”

"Although she drags it in the dirt at times, the Bib is very durable and can be rinsed and reused repeatedly. The CatBib has undoubtedly saved many birds around our house. " Read more and more testimonials from our customers from 2013-2014.

Doesnt Stop Them From Their Daily Prowling

Here is proof, the cat bib really works, and doesn't stop your cat from doing his daily prowling, such as walking the fence and harassing the neighbors. Plus Dozens send their feedback from 2006 -2007.

In the beginning 2005 – 2006

Since the start, CatBib has received dozens and dozens of customer stories filled with love, knowing they are doing their part to help save bird and reptiles from their killer kitties. Read more about those early stories here.

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