lizard and cat fightingLos Angeles Museum of Natural History recommends us as one way to help save lizards from aggressive cats.

They explain:
[quote]Some free-roaming domestic cats kill more than 100 animals each year. One well-fed cat that roamed a wildlife experiment station was recorded to have killed more than 1,600 animals (mostly small mammals) over 18 months. Multiply that by 77 million pet cats in the United States and even more feral cats, and you can see this is an untenable situation.[/quote]

They go on to recommend keeping your cat indoors, but then give CatBib a recommendation for those who rather keep their cat outdoors:

While an outdoor pen is the ideal option for outdoor kitties, another idea for protecting wildlife is the CatBib. It slows down the cat’s ability to hunt, but is perfectly safe, allowing kitty to roam about.

Quoted from Los Angeles Museum of Natural History

In another article from the ‘Native Animal Rescue of Santa Cruz County’ has also started a new blog focused on the coexistence with native animals. Their first blog is entitled: “How cats and birds can peacefully coexist.”

Their cat “Puck” used to chase and kill lizards, but no longer can kill them since being trained to stop with the CatBib.