Free Press Leader, January 24, 2006, Knoxville, Victoria, Australia
An Upwey resident has discovered what he says may be the perfect solution to cats killing wildlife in the hills. Melvyn Bowler said several neighbors in his block of flats regularly fed parrots and raised concern when he and his two felines moved in. Mr. Bowler said he’d seen his younger cat, Bonnie, stalking birds and after several were found dead around the flats he knew he was in trouble.

“I’d just got Bonnie from Animal Aid and I knew from one look at her she had a keen interest in birds,”Mr. Bowler said. “I tried bells, mirrors, reflective things, you name it, but nothing seemed to work.” Frustrated, Mr. Bowler said he began searching the internet for devices that could help prevent his cat from attaching, his lengthy research eventually leading him to CatBib. The American-made rubber bib attaches to a cat’s collar and interferes with the animal’s hand-eye coordination as the cat lunges for the bird.

The CatBib was introduced to Australia in 1999 but is not readily available on the local market. Mr. Bowler said he had not found any feathers of birds since buying the device recently. “It doesn’t stop her climbing, jumping and getting around, but it’s a barrier when she lifts her paws to strike,” Mr. Bowler said. “It means she has freedom during the day and I can put her out and have an easy mind. It’s terrific.” So impressed was Mr. Bowler by the bib, he bought up big and has several spares available for cat owners in the hills who are desperate to stop their cats from killing birds and wildlife.