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Elastic Insert Safety Cat Collars

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Soft quality 1/2″ webbing
Lightweight plastic D-ring for ID tag
Sewn in elastic so that your cat can escape easily if caught on something (note: these are not breakaway collars, but rely on the elastic piece for safety)

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The CatBib will work with any collar you choose, but it won’t be effective if the cat loses the bib. This cat collar has a short length of elastic. The elastic insert will stretch if the cat gets caught on something, and allow the cat to slip out of the collar, but it does not completely release as the plastic-snap breakaway collars do.

These collars are all reflective, but the silver has the highest level of light reflection.

These are NOT breakaway cat collars. They are designed to work perfectly with the CatbBib.

Adjustable length as to fit any sized cat.

Soft quality 1/2″ webbing
Lightweight plastic D-ring for ID tag Sewn in elastic

Machine wash cold on delicate cycle. Do not wash with Velcro items (like the CatBib). Hang to dry. Do not iron, do not bleach, do not dry clean. If needed, presoak in an enzymatic cleaner like Nature’s Miracle.

Sizing (Centimeters/Inches):
Width: 1.3cm / 1/2in
Neck: 20-25cm / 8-10in

Colors:  Silver, Blue, Burgundy, Yellow

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Blue, Burgundy, Silver, Yellow

16 reviews for Elastic Insert Safety Cat Collars

  1. Ladydee

    This bright reflective cat collar with an elastic section for safety is fantastic. The elastic works because my cat got caught in a branch, quickly began to panic but easily pulled her head free of the collar.

    It has a durable clasp that is easy to open and close. The collar is soft and seems comfortable. It reflects brightly, which makes it much easier to see at night.

    The only negative I’ve found is that the clasp is a little big. The other great features far outweigh this one negative.

    I am rating this cat collar 5 stars because it is durable, highly reflective and the safety elastic works well.

  2. CD

    We ordered a nice variety color pack of break away collars. Took about an hour for the cat to remove them. We would have gone through all ten in days! So we ordered this elastic safety collar and it’s staying put nicely. If you hook your finger under the collar, it stretches well. It’s also a great bright color (we chose yellow) and has a nice feel – not hard or stiff plastic, more like jogging pants or a rain coat, but reinforced so it’s not flimsy or thin.

  3. L33chwife

    My cat is notorious for breaking open his collars since he’s a kitten. He’s indoor/outdoor so he has to be able to keep one on. I’ve went through countless of them and so far this is the only one he cannot snap open or chew through. I have it on pretty loose so when I pull on the collar his head can easily slip out with the elastic. The reflective layer is a great touch to keep him safer as well. I put it on when I let him out in the morning and take it off when I scoop him up in the afternoon. The buckle is so easy to snap on and off. If you keep making these I will keep buying them! Thank you for making the perfect collar for us!

  4. RBS

    Wow, so extremely and pleasantly surprised with this collar. I purchased for both of our cats. They have rejected every other brand/type of collars we have tried to use for them. This collar, for both cats, was accepted and appeared like they didn’t even know it was on them. Prior other many collar attempts have been frantically scratched, bit, clawed, wiggled, and ultimately ending up on the floor. This one gives me the security and the cats are comfortable and satisfied with wearing it. Thanks to the other reviewers who gave me insight to try one more collar attempt!

  5. Yellow Earrings

    My Boo Kitty was an inside kitten think the start, but as she got older, she forcefully made her intensions clear. She “wants out and I’m going to make you pay with your bloody life if you don’t open that door!”

    The ad makes this collar look wider than most made for a cat, but it’s really not. It’s also soft, while being sturdy. I wanted a collar for her that is reflective and provides some measure of protection against strangling her if it got caught on a fence or something, so she could wiggle out of it. The break away collar she was wearing took too much force you get it apart, and wasn’t reflective. I didn’t trust it. This one has everything. I attached the bell that was on her other collar, along with her tags, and now with the elastic “give” she and her prey have every protection I can give for a cat that insists on being outside.
    I recommend.

  6. Rowden17

    Perfect for our 12 week old cat- it’s brightly reflective and lightweight! We tried four different collars, and this is the keeper.

  7. bonnie rogers

    This is the 5th different collar I have tried on him. He has gotten them all off but this one. He has kept it on for over a week, so hoping it lasts

  8. Claudette G

    The perfect cat collar for cats who hate and know how to remove breakaway collars. I wanted a collar that my cat couldn’t remove, but still would be safe if anything happened and this is perfect. It has a good amount of elasticity without being elastic 3noigh for my cat to easily remove it for fun. Plus, it’s very adjustable and very reflective!

    I was worried about how durable it would be since the product photo didn’t make it look very durable to me. But I took the chance and I’m glad I did. I actually find it to be very well made and it actually looks more durable than the breakway collar I got from Petco (pictured). It seems like it would be more comfortable as well. Definitely a great price for the value of this collar.

    I was also worried about this collar arriving while I’m gone for a trip, but it arrived so much earlier than expected, so that was a big win for me.

    So far, I’ve only seen my cat try to remove it once, but since it doesn’t breakaway, he hasn’t figured out how to remove it yet. And the color matches my cat’s eyes haha. So this is a definite recommended product from me.

  9. hhpnw

    So far so good. Our other collar kept falling off when she was outside. It had a GPS tracker on it and then we would have to go track down the collar on our neighbors yard.
    This one stays on much better and our cat seems to like it more. Doesn’t notice it. Doesn’t scratch at it.

  10. J McDanie

    My grey tabby absolutely HATES collars, but he also is adventurous and constantly worries me by trying to slip outdoors. Because of this, I like to keep a tag on him that gives info for returning him, but it’s really difficult to find collars that don’t have breakaway clasps which he can undo, and he also knows how to slip out of collars that don’t have them. This collar makes a fantastic compromise by using a normal clasp with enough give in the collar itself for him to be able to slip out of it if he gets stuck, but ONLY if he gets it caught on something.

    What really surprises me about this collar though is how comfortable it feels. It is like brushed windbreaker type material – soft, a little stretchy but not too much, breathable, and doesn’t hold on to water. The silver/white collar is probably the most noticeable colour in the dark. OMG, it is BRIGHT! Should he get outdoors at night, people will not have any problems seeing him.

    He’s also got a very large neck. I think it’s around 12″, and most cat collars only go up to 10″. This collar fits him well and even leaves over the room to grow.

    This is also the very FIRST collar he has acted like he ENJOYS wearing! He hasn’t tried to take it off even once.

  11. Mariadejesus

    This is the only collar that my adopted stray will not take off. Very sturdy, soft, and flexible. The break-way collars are a joke to every catowner I know, and I like that tjis one stays on but the elastic prevents it being a hazard to your furry pet. Liked it so much I baught another for a second cat.

  12. S. Williams

    My cat is an escape artist—those safety collars mysteriously disappeared from her neck at least twice a month. I was a little nervous about getting this elastic collar, fearful she might Be trapped if it got snagged on a bush. I shouldn’t have worried. I attached two additional bells to make sure the birds heard her coming, and she’s been wearing this same collar for 7 months now! This is a great collar!

  13. BRBReads

    This collar is the only cat safety collar that my stubborn boy will keep on. It’s softer than the other collar the previous owner had on him. His old collar was a dog collar because he would tear off breakaway collars, according to his former owner. He hates collars. This one didn’t bother him at all. He hasn’t tried to remove it, and it hasn’t come off. I’m so impressed, I’m going to get one for my other cat.

  14. cynthia ziebell

    Better buckle and more durable fabric than cheaper collars. Also quick release feature is good idea!

  15. josh p prewitt

    This collar has a small elastic piece sewn in instead of the traditional quick release (breakaway). Those other breakaway collars kept getting lost and costing us quite a bit of money. They were falling off all around the neighborhood and each collar had the ID tag too which cost over $5 each. This one has paid for itself multiple times already, and stays put. Very well made with nice bright colors too. I definitely recommend this collar.

  16. 4 Truths

    the ONLY breakaway cat collar that will stay on my outdoor cat!

    I have bought several collars, but these are the best i have found yet. All the other safety collars that i have bought for one of my outdoor cats end up “breaking away”, and her pet tag is lost as well as the collar. These collars DO stay on! She finally needs hers replaced, though, as the pretty ribbon design is now shredded! BUT, we have had it well over a year, and it never once came off.

    – 4Truth

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