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Elastic Insert Safety Cat Collars


Soft quality 1/2″ webbing
Lightweight plastic D-ring for ID tag
Sewn in elastic so that your cat can escape easily if caught on something (note: these are not breakaway collars, but rely on the elastic piece for safety)

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The CatBib will work with any collar you choose, but it won’t be effective if the cat loses the bib. This cat collar has a short length of elastic. The elastic insert will stretch if the cat gets caught on something, and allow the cat to slip out of the collar, but it does not completely release as the plastic-snap breakaway collars do.

These collars are all reflective, but the silver has the highest level of light reflection.

These are NOT breakaway cat collars. They are designed to work perfectly with the CatbBib.

Adjustable length as to fit any sized cat.

Soft quality 1/2″ webbing
Lightweight plastic D-ring for ID tag Sewn in elastic

Machine wash cold on delicate cycle. Do not wash with Velcro items (like the CatBib). Hang to dry. Do not iron, do not bleach, do not dry clean. If needed, presoak in an enzymatic cleaner like Nature’s Miracle.

Sizing (Centimeters/Inches):
Width: 1.3cm / 1/2in
Neck: 20-25cm / 8-10in

Colors:  Silver, Blue, Burgundy, Yellow

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Blue, Burgundy, Silver, Yellow

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